Cylinder Kit 435cc ø 94 Big Bore

Off-road Cylinder Kit

Cylinder Kit 435cc ø 94 Big Bore
Code: P400510100002
Pieces: 1
Dimension: 20.00x33.00x15.00
Weight: 2384.00 g

Replacement parts for this kit

Code Description
P400510160002 Gaskets Kit
S4F09400002A Piston Kit ø 93,94
S4F09400002B Piston Kit ø 93,95 - Rev.dome-low C.-kit Athena
S41316119 Rings
S41317007 Piston Pin


This Athena cylinder kit assembled with OEM CDI and exhaust gets much more torque (Nxm) than OEM bike; in order to strongly increase also HP to the rear wheel it is necessary to use, at least, a Racing exhaust system.All ATHENA products, which are manufactured with higher displacement and power than those permitted by law of the country where the end user lives, are intended solely for competition-sports usage. Use on public roads as well as in aeronautics and marine is prohibited. ATHENA is not responsible for any different usage.The customer takes full responsibility that the distribution of the articles purchased from Athena is in line with the current regulations of his country and therefore frees Athena from whatever responsability in this matter.

Suitable for

  • Atv-quad Arctic Cat DVX 400 - 2004/2008
  • Atv-quad Kawasaki KFX 400 - 2003/2006
  • Off-road (mx) Kawasaki KLX 400 - 2003/2006
  • Off-road (mx) Suzuki DR-Z 400 - 2000/2016
  • Atv-quad Kawasaki KFX 400 SPORT - 2003/2006