Athena on the top of the world - Cairoli and Herlings dominate even the GP of Finland. Only math separates Herlings from the third title. For Cairoli the eighth success of 2014.

Round 13: GP of Finland - Hyvinkää - 13.07.2014

Antonio Cairoli (#222 Red Bull KTM Factory Team)

With the second event in Scandinavia, the Motocross World Championship 2014, reached 13 GP. It was the circuit of Hyvinkaa, about 70 kilometers from Helsinki, to host the race. The sandy and selective Finnish circuit left no dubt for predictions, than the victory of the two champions, and so it was. Jeffrey Herlings has created a big gap in the MX2, riding his KTM 250 SX-F Factory supported by Athena - Get. He won the ninth consecutive "one-two", and twelfth win of the season over the twelve GP that he did. Antonio Cairoli in MXGPreached instead his eighth win of this season's Grand Prix ahead of Frossard, winning a big advantage to the detriment of the closest rival in the standings. TC222 leads the championship with 577 points against 515 for the second rider in the overall standings. Even this time, his KTM 350 SX-F supported by Athena - GET allowed the seven-time world champion to win a great victory. On the podium in the MX2 class, even Jordi Tixier, always riding the KTM 250 SX-F Factory supported by Athena - GET. In MXGP however, was Kevin Strijbos in placing third in his Suzuki Rockstar, as usual, he used to race the exclusive system of data acquisition M40. Unlucky race for Jeremy Van Horebeek that, on the Yamaha Factory of Team Rinaldi who used to race the data acquisition system M40 and the control unit  GP1, was the victim of a crash in race 2which forced him to recovery from the back and that did not allow him to continue in his series of consecutive podiums that was interrupted after eleven times.

The championship observes a week of rest and the riders will find themselves on the track at Loket (Czech rep) on 27 July for the GP # 14.

Cairoli and Herlings dominate the GP of Sweden. Cairoli lead the overall standings, Herlings going straight to the third title.

Round 12: GP of Sweden - Uddevalla - 06.07.2014

Buona gara per David Philippaerts (#19 Yamaha DP Racing)

Twelfth of seventeen GP in a row, was held in Sweden the first of two races on the north of Europe. In the MXGP class, return to double victory for Antonio Cairoli who won the GP seventieth of his career with a perfect race that saw him on the lead of the two moto from start to finish. Once again, his KTM 350 SX-F supported by Athena - GET was impeccable, allowing the seven-time world champion back strongly to win. Behind him is ranked Jeremy Van Horebeek riding the Yamaha Factory Team Rinaldi who used during the race the M40 data acquisition system and the GP1control unit. For the Belgian, it was the eleventh consecutive podium. Third, Kevin Strijbos, riding the Suzuki Rockstar who used to race the exclusive  "M40" data acquisition system. Unfortunate his team-mate Clement Desalle after the fourth place in race 1, he had to surrender immediately after the start due a fall at the start that forced him to retire. The Antonio Cairoli lead the championship with 45 points ahead of Van Horebeek followed by Desalle for a virtual podium by Athena - GET. In MX2 Jeffrey Herlings (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) won again easier the Grand Prix with his eighth consecutive double victory. The Dutch brought his KTM 250 SX-F Factory supported by Athena - Get the to the twentieth race victory in this season. Behind him, the teammate Jordi Tixier who moved up to second place in the overall standings when there are five rounds to go. The championship moves to Finland on the circuit of Hyivinkaa where next Sunday, will be held the thirteenth race of the season.

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The protagonists change, but does not change the ending. Athena-GET wins again "

Desalle and Herlings won the GP #11 of the 2014 season. Tenth victory for the Dutchman, the Belgian approaches Cairoli, but the italian remains leader of the standings in MXGP.

Round 11: GP of Germany - Teutschenthal - 22.06.2014

Clement Desalle (Suzuki Rockstar #25) & Jeremy Van Horebeek (Yamaha Rinaldi #89)

No break for motocross world that has moved from Italy to Germany for the eleventh GP of seventeen planned this season. On the "Talkessel" track of Teutschenthal, in the territory of the former East Germany, Jeffrey Herlings (KTM Red Bull Factory Racing) dominate again the MX2 class with another imperious double victory. The Dutchman is beating every record,  success after success and was able to increase the gap on the overall standings against all opponents, always riding the  KTM 250 SXF Factory, supported by Athena-GET. On the podium with him, also his teammate Jordi Tixier (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing), third at the end of the GP while Dylan Ferrandis (Kawasaki CLS) always assisted by the electronic systems provided to his team  by Athena-GET, after the third place in race 1 wasn't able to repeated the performance missing the appointment in the "medals zone." In the premier class of motocross world championship, was held the usual epic battles even at the German track with Clement Desalle able to achieve victory after a second-place in the first moto and the victory in the second one. The Belgian led to success, once again his Suzuki RMZ 450 - Rockstar Energy, who used the data acquisition system M40. Same equipment adding the control unit Gp1 Evo for Jeremy Van Horebeek (Yamaha - Rinaldi) which ranked third overall in the GP win his tenth consecutive podium finish. Fourth overall on the day, Kevin Strijbos (Suzuki - Rockstar Energy). Day to forget soon for the reigning champion Antonio Cairoli. Weakened by a strong flu, TC 222 had to run the two rounds in defense but managed to bring his KTM SXF350 supported by Athena-GET to fifth place in the overall classification. Despite the lost scores in Germany, Tony always lead the overall standings with twenty-five points ahead of Clement Desalle.

Next GP in Sweden, on the track of Uddevalla, on July 6.

In Maggiora everyone saw "double"

Nothing and no one can stop the advance of the Athena-GET "army". Cairoli and Herlings dominate the Italian Grand Prix with a double race victory for both.

Round 10: GP of Italy - Maggiora - 15.06.2014

Il dominatore di Maggiora Tony Cairoli

The world motocross dipped in the second half of the season with the Italian Grand Prix that took place on the legendary track of the "Mottaccio del Balmone" situated in Maggiora. Jeffrey Herlings (KTM Red Bull Factory Racing) made another superior performance to all his opponents by winning the sixth consecutive race with a double succes and extending his lead in the overall standings now risen to 55 points. In the nine races of ten (Brazil was out, due an injury) Herlings has always brought his KTM SXF250 supported by Athena-GET on the top step of the podium. Behind him is classified Jordi Tixier (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing), while the third place went to the Swiss Arnaud Tonus (Kawasaki CLS), who is the second force in the champioship, both always assisted by the electronic systems provided to them by Athena-GET. Once again the podium of the World Motocross MX2 has been monopolized by our colors. In MXGP, another podium and another monopoly, from riders supported by our company. GP victory number sixty-nine for the reigning champion Antonio Cairoli (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) who dominated both motos of the race from the first to the last lap, with his "K" supported by Athena -GET. Behind him it is ranked Jeremy Van Horebeek (Yamaha - Rinaldi) followed by Kevin Strijbos (Suzuki - Rockstar Energy) who used during the race the data acquisition system and the control unit M40 GP1 Evo that, once again demonstrating the high performance of these devices .

Next GP in Germany in Teutschenthal next Sunday, June 22

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