MXGP: Cairoli back to victory. Desalle and Van Horebeek behind him. MX2: Herlings is still unbeatable. Tonus follows him on the podium.

Round 8: GP of Great Britain - Matterley Basin - 25.05.2014

Fasi di partenza dell' MxGP

From the scorching heat of Spain, to the cold days in the United Kingdom have passed only fifteen days. An infinite time especially for Antonio Cairoli ( KTM Red Bull Factory Racing ) who , just a few days after the Iberian GP was the victim of a family bereavement . Prematurely and in a completely unexpected way , dad Benedetto Cairoli has passed away at the age of sixty-seven . The Sicilian champion has honored the memory of the man who pushed him towards the infinite success by dedicating the victory number sixty-eight in his career. A victory achieved with the heart. Behind him has jumped on the podium Clement Desalle (Suzuki - Rockstar Energy ) and Jeremy Van Horebeek (Yamaha - Rinaldi ) for a podium marked by Athena - GET. Once again, the data acquisition system and the control unit M40 GP1 Evo fitted to the bikes of the best teams in the major class of motocross world championship, has made the difference , helping riders to gain more success . These successes are not missed even in the MX2 class won for the seventh time in eight GP by Jeffrey Herlings ( KTM Red Bull Factory Racing ) . For him it was the fourth consecutive " twin" still supported by Athena- GET. Second in the overall closed the GP the Swiss Arnaud Tonus (Kawasaki CLS ), who seems the only one able to face the reigning champion and able to use the full potential of electronic systems provided to them by Athena .

Next GP in Saint Jean d' Angely , France, which will be held Sunday, June 1 .

Jeffrey Herlings dominated the MX2 , Clement Desalle wins his second race of 2014 in MXGP class and is back to the second position overall.

Round 7: GP of Spain - Talavera de la Reina - 11.05.2014

Dylan Ferrandis (#122 Kawasaki CLS)

Netherlands - Spain the trip was quick , and within three days all members of the world champioship MX have found themselves on the motocross circuit " Cerro Negro " of Talavera de la Reina for the seventh round of the world championship motocross 2014. Jeffrey Herlings (KTM - Red Bull Factory Racing ) dominated the MX2 class with the third double in a row , confirming that he is still the man to beat in this category. As always, supported by Athena- GET, the Flying Dutchman , despite a bad start in race 2 , overtake all their opponents , winning the second moto. MX2 podium dominated by the Athena- GET colors with Dylan Ferrandis and Arnaud Tonus (Kawasaki CLS) second and third in the overall. The data acquisition system and the control unit M40 GP1 Evo fitted to the bikes of the team have helped the two riders to be confortable on the difficulty of the track made ​​it very selective due watering and due the summer time that has swept throughout the weekend. Even in MXGP , total monopoly of Athena -GET on the podium with Clement Desalle (Suzuki - Rockstar Energy ) that preceded Jeremy van Horebeek (Yamaha - Rinaldi ) and Kevin Strijbos (Suzuki - Rockstar Energy ) all equipped with components and data acquisition sistem Athena- GET. Fourth on the overall the reigning world champion Antonio Cairoli ( Red Bull KTM Factory Racing ), who firmly leads the championship aboard his factory SXF350 supported by Athena- GET.

A week off for The world championship before resuming hostilities on the track of Matterley Basin in England, where will be held the eighth round of the season .

Herlings-Cairoli, the perfect couple. The MX2 class is back in the hands of Jeffrey Herlings. Tony Cairoli reached his sixty-seven victories

Round 6: GP of Netherlands - Valkenswaard - 04.05.2014

Arnaud Tonus (CLS Kawasaki Racing Team)

After a week's break motocross world championship is back on the track at Valkenswaard in Holland. After 4 GP "abstinence" Jeffrey Herlings (KTM Red Bull Factory Racing) got back the red plate of championship leader. Aided by  Arnaud Tonus (Kawasaki CLS) bad day, the Dutch rider won both races on home soil. An overwhelming superiority to Herlings who has demonstrated once again that he is the man to beat in the MX2. His KTM supported by Athena-GET has danced on the black sand dunes of the Euro Circuit bringing "The Bullet"  on the top of the podium again. The third place was by his teammate Jordi Tixier that got his second podium placement in a row. Fifth place for the former championship leader Arnaud Tonus (Kawasaki CLS) that in the first moto he managed to catch up to twelfth place with a recovery from the sidelines after a fall in the early stages of the race.  Dylan Ferrandis (Kawasaki CLS) finished the race just behind his teammate and both, as always led in the race with M40 data acquisition system and the control unit GP1 EVO. In MXGP Athena-GET  has monopolized the podium with Antonio Cairoli (KTM Red Bull Factory Racing), who won his sixty-seventh GP career, followed by Jeremy van Horebeek (Yamaha - Rinaldi) who, with the help of electronics GET has hit a beautiful second place that let him take a step ahead in the overall standings, where now he holds the second position just behind Cairoli. Third after the race Kevin Strijbos (Suzuki - Rockstar Energy) continues its escalation of  great results. The world championship immediately moves to Spain where, next Sunday will be held on the seventh Grand Prix race of the 2014 season.

Tonus - Tixier - Herlings: the MX2 class speaks Athena’s language. In MXGP, Tony Cairoli more and more leader. Van Horebeek approaches the top.

Round 5: GP of Bulgaria - Sevlievo - 20.04.2014

Jeremy Van Horebeek (Yamaha Racing Team)

Fifth round of the Motocross World Championship that was held at " Gorna Rositza " of Sevlievo , about two hundred kilometers from Sofia the capital of Bulgaria . The race day was characterized by uncertain weather than, half of the program has revealed a copious rain which affected the last two moto. In MX2 , at the end of the two races , the podium has been monopolized by the pilots Athena- GET. With a great "twice" of Jeffrey Herlings ( KTM Red Bull Factory Racing ) , supported by Athena -GET that went to the top step of the podium and is considerably closer to the leader of the general standings , Arnaud Tonus (Kawasaki CLS) capable of curb the power of the defending champion but not able enough in order to stop it. The Swiss rider , who always rode his bike equipped with the data acquisition system and the control unit M40 GP1 Evo , has proved a difficult opponent for Herlings that, at the moment has not yet managed to get back into the head of the champioship, led by Tonus . Third to the podium, which saw him climb for the first time this season, the Frenchman Jordi Tixier ( Red Bull KTM Factory Racing ) who, with the points won in Sevlievo moved up to sixth position in the championship . To complete the memorable day for Athena -GET, Dylan Ferrandis (Kawasaki CLS ), ranked fourth on the overall. In the main class, MXGP , it was Antonio Cairoli ( KTM Red Bull Factory Racing ) to bring into the top of the world, the "orange machine" with another victory. With the support of Athena- GET, his KTM 350 SXF has crossed the Bulgarian hills like no other motorcycle has been able to do during the weekend of racing . After the second place in race 1 , when Tony was pretty happy with the second position, in race 2 the reigning champion gave his best dominating even the rain and mud that have made ​​it really hard the conditions of the race. Third place went to Jeremy van Horebeek (Yamaha - Rinaldi ) who, with the help of GET climbed up the standings into second place shared with Clement Desalle (Suzuki - Rockstar Energy ) who finished fourth in the GP overall with same score of his teammate Kevin Strijbos (Suzuki - Rockstar Energy ) .

The world motocross champioship makes a one-week off and will return in the race in Valkensawaard over the weekend of 4-5 May. 

Clement Desalle and Jeffrey Herlings won in Trentino. Arnaud Tonus and Antonio Cairoli remain the leader of the championships.

Round 4: GP of Trentino - Arco di Trento - 13.04.2014

Il vincitore della MxGP Clement Desalle

After three long trips to Qatar and Thailand and Brazil, the world championship motocross is back in the old continent, passing under the Dolomites. The circuit of Arco di Trento has received all the riders, and one of the protagonist was Athena-GET by the hands of Clement Desalle (Rockstar Suzuki ) who has achieved success in the premier class, the MXGP . The Belgian took the win with two high level performance that allowed him to climb to the top step of the podium and especially to regain points in the standings, taking second place behind the reigning champion Antonio Cairoli (KTM Red Bull Factory) fifth at the end of the day. For a complete success of Athena -GET Jeremy Van Horebeek (Yamaha Rinaldi ) and Kevin Strijbos (Suzuki Rockstar ) respectively placed second and third in the GP. In the MX2 class, back in the race and victory for the defending champion Jeffrey Herlings (KTM Red Bull Factory) that, after the absence at the Brazilian Grand Prix due to injury, is back on track motivated and more aggressive than ever, returning immediately on the top step of the podium. Behind the GP winner, concluded Arnaud Tonus (Kawasaki CLS) which is still leading provisional standings of the championship.

The world championship motocross immediately moves to Bulgaria where, next Sunday on the circuit of Sevlievo, will be held the fifth round of this season.

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